A few words about Philip

How did this happen?

Philip is 3 years old, and was enjoying a normal, healthy life until a tragic car accident on 11/17/16 resulting in multiple injuries, including traumatic brain injury, anoxic brain damage, C2 fracture, spastic quadriparesis, tracheostomy, and mechanical ventilation. The accident happened while my wife, Anna, got front-ended by a 3’rd party while on the way to the preschool. The person who caused the accident is still under investigation.

High costs of treatment

Your donation will help Philip get his health back

We have conducted so much research and explored all possible avenues of treatment for Philip in the United States and Canada, and although many clinics and hospitals were very interested in his case (due to the fact that not only he survived despite such great injuries, but he is also making progress) and eager to offer advice, in the end the answer was always the same “We are so sorry … we can’t help”. We couldn’t take “no” for an answer. We looked further and explored the possibility of treatment in Europe, and eventually come across Dr. Dariusz Boruczkowski, Med. Dir. at the Polish Stem Cell Bank, ( https://www.pbkm.pl/en) who, after evaluating Philip’s case, decided to help us. Now, after a long assessment process, the Polish Stem Cells Bank started to work on the treatment for Philip which is administered by RegenMed, a neurological clinic in Cracow, Poland.

Now, the greatest obstacle on our way is to find the funding for the continuation of the treatment itself and associated travel expenses. We estimated that we will need approximately $175,000 for the stem cell treatment, stem cell transportation, neurology and pediatric care, medical facility, nursing care, flights, lodging, as well as car / transportation needed to handle wheelchair and all the caregivers. Although we realize it is not an easy task to raise such amount of funds, we believe there is nothing insurmountable when it comes to our son. We will keep on moving forward and do all it takes so he has a chance at life.

To support Philip directly, please make donations to the PNC Bank:
Account number: 46 3717 7821
ACH: 071921891
Wire routing number: 041000124

Photos from the private archive of the family

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